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If you’re looking for an expirenced Professionalwhen it comes to vintage audio and video, you’ve come to the right place.   V.E.N. AUDIO, vintage stereo is our passion.  We love these vintage products and the music they make, because there’s just nothing like them.  Whether it’s monster receivers like the Pioneer SX-1980 or the Concept 16.5, cassette decks or turntables, tuners or amplifiers, Betamax, Video-8 and S-VHS VCRs, We do it all and can help with the repair and restoration of your treasured beauties.  And, V.E.N. can often source (or correctly substitute) original and genuine, no-longer-available semiconductors and parts for many brands and models.

8 Track Players/ Recorders

Reel to Reel Decks

Tube Radios


Tube Amplifiers/Preamplifiers

Vintage Turntables

Cassette Decks




The V.E.N. AUDIO Process

Each unit is given a complete visual inspection and preliminary tests are performed to determine what faults the unit has developed. V.E.N. AUDIO has the expertise and the equipment necessary to bring your vintage equipment back to its original factory specs.

 We don’t just fix the obvious problems, We do preventive maintenance as well. V.E.N AUDIO always use factory original parts where possible, but we will use the next highest quality replacement parts if factory originals are no longer available.

After repairing the unit, it is given a second test, and must pass all the specs originally assigned to it by the engineering team at V.E.N.. Once it passes all those tests, it spends up to 72 hours our my burn-in bench to ferret out any unexpected problems before it is returned to you

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